Tekes has granted funding for Tampere-based startup MustRide


Tekes has granted funding for Tampere-based startup MustRide

Tekes – The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation has decided to fund the Tampere-based startup MustRide. The funding is for testing MustRide’s business concept in Finland and on an international scale.

MustRide is a new startup that is building a social routeplanning service for motorcyclists. The goal is to connect bikers globally to share information, experiences and inspiration to each other. There is a clear demand for this kind off free flow of information about routes especially when planning longer roadtrips.

The idea for this new application was born by the own need of MustRides founder, Selina Kustula

“I tried planning a motorcycle trip abroad a few years ago, but traditional map services only offered the fastest or the shortest route. Finding information about nice points-of-interest, curvy roads and sceneries was hard and time consuming,” Kustula explains.

So far the concept has has been developed by gathering a community of motorcyclists around MustRide. The funding by Tekes helps in creating the first vesion of the web application and to gather valuable information about the habits of motorcyclists. The first version will be released this fall and it will be further developed through user feedback.

“Bikers are in the center of all development”, Selina states.

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